Genius Loci is a local firm committed to native landscape design, restoration and management. Most of our perennials are legally salvaged from construction sites in the central Ohio area and are potted with their native soil. This creates a miniature woodland ecosystem, complete with microrizzal fungi and a richly diverse seedbank. This soil can actually serve as an innoculate to barren shade gardens. Most containers include cut-leaftoothwort and spring beauties. Call if you're looking for something that's not on the list; check with us...we may have it!

most of our perennials are legally salvaged from....central ohio area and are potted with their native soil

New this year!

1) Canebrake bamboo / Arundinaria gigantea
Ohio's only native bamboo is typically found along river banks, is a runner, evergreen and reaches heights of 20' in the southern states.
2 gallon container $23.00

2) American wisteria / Wisteria macrostachys
Less agressive than the asian variety, the lavender blus racemes bloom in early summer on a vine that can reach 15-20".
3 gallon container $36.00

3) Prairie dropseed / Sporobolus heterolepsis
A "mop head" formed grass that forms low mounds and smells like buttered popcorn.
Orange fall color.
1 gallon container $15.00

4) American bladdernut / Staphylea trifolia
A small forest sub canopy tree that reaches heights of 10-15'.The stems are quite attractive with a gray bark and vertical white fissures. The greenish white flowers appear in spring and mature by fall into delightful pale green lanterns.
five foot height in a 5 gallon container  $60.00

5) Large flowered raspberry or Thimbleberry / Rubrus odorata
An upright shrub reaching heights of 8-10" with rose like flowers that bloom in June. Attractive exfoliating bark for four season interest and a berry that is delicious.
3 gallon container  $30.00

Herbaceous Woodland Plants:

1) Large-flowered Trillium / Trillium grandiflorum
Showy 3-4" white flowers on erect stalk; 10-20" tall

2) Nodding Trillium / Trillium cernuum
White flower on short stalk; stalk is bent so flower peeks between leaves; 6-20" tall

3) Toadshade or Toad Trillium / Trillium sessile
Deep maroon flowers, mottled leaves; 4-12" tall

4) ]ack-in-the-puIpit / Arisaema species
Unusual striped hood extending over the club-shaped "jack"; 1-3" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

5) Mayapple / Podophyllum peltatum
White flower below umbrella-like leaves, lemon-shaped edible fruit; 1-1.5" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

6) False Solomon's Seal / Smilacina racemosa
Lance-shaped pinnate leaves on arching "zig-zag" stem; white cluster of flowers; 1-3' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

7) Solomon's Seal / Polygonatum species
Broad, lance-shaped leaves on arching stems, dangling clusters of flowers; 1-3' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

8) Jacob's Ladder / Polemonium
Pinnately-compound leaves, blue or purple bell-shaped flowers; 1.5-2.5' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

9) Virginia Waterleaf / Hydrophyllum virginianum
Foliage is attractively mottled with white, white to lavender flowers; l' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

10) Dutchman's Breeches / Dicentra cucullaria
Spurred flowers look like upside-down pantaloons, delicate fern-like foliage; 6" - 1' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

11) Wild Blue Phlox / Phlox divericata
Pointed narrow leaves, blue to purple flowers; 1-2' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

12) Blue Cohosh / Caulophyllumthalictroides
2-5 lobed leaflets, dusters of chartreuse or purplish flowers, blue fruit; 1-3' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

13) Fairy Candles or Black Cohosh / Cimicifuga racemosa
Tall, leggy plants with divided leaves, showy spike flowers, fragrant, late summer bloom; 3-6' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

14) White Baneberry or Doll's Eyes / Actaea pachypoda
White flowers on raceme, white berries on long stalks; 1-3' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

15) Goldenseal / Hydrastis canadensis
Interesting as a foliage plant, with medicinal value, red berries; 8-15" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

16) Bloodroot / Sanguinaria canadensis
Broad, deeply lobed leaves, white daisy like flowers; 6-8" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

17) Green Dragon / Arisaema dracontium
Rare; similar to jack-in-the-pulpit, but spadix protrudes tongue-like upward; 1-4' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

18) Sensitive Fern / Onoerea sensibilis
Delicate fronds, does well in moist soils; 12-24" tall

19) Horse Balm / Coltinsonia canadensis
Light yellow, fall blooming lemon-scented flowers in a large, loose, branching cluster; 2-5' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

20) Tussock Seqge / Carex stricta
Mounding habit in wet shade, resembles a mop head; 1-3' high
1 gallon container  $18.00

21) Golden Ragwort / Senedo aureus
Coarsely toothed rounded leaves, yellow aster-like flowers; likes moist soil; 6-30" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

22) Twinleaf / Jeffersonia diphylla
Almost completely divided leaf, white flower, 8-16" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

23) White Wood Aster / Aster divaricatus
Stalked heart-shaped leaves, flat topped cluster of white flowers, fall bloomer; 1-3' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

Ground Covers:

1) Christmas Fern / Polystichum acrostichoides
Bushy habit, dark green evergreen fronds, good backdrop for smaller plants, 2'
1 gallon container  $18.00

2) Wild Ginger / Asarum canadense
Heart-shaped fragrant leaves, odd purplish flowers; 8-10" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

3) Violet / Viola spp.
Heart-shaped leaves, flowers are purple, white or yellow; 4-8" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

4) Wild Geranium or Spotted Cranesbill / Geranium maculatum
Deeply lobed leaves, clusters of purple or pink flowers; 1-2' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

5) Pennsylvania Sedge / Carex pensylvanica
Very similar to liriope, with a semi-evergreen 1/2" wide leaf. Unusual. 6-10" tall
1 gallon container  $18.00


Woodland Shrubs:

1) American Cranberry Viburnum / Viburnum trilobum
White late-spring flowers, red fall fruit, wine fall color, sun to part shade, 9'-15' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

2) Arrowwood Viburnum / Viburnum dentatum
Creamy late spring flower, lustrious foliage, blue-black fruit. Good fall color; 10-15' tall. Full sun to full shade
1 gallon container  $18.00

3) Spicebush / Lindera benzoin
Early spring yellow flowers, red berries, fragrant twigs; 3-15' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

4) Maple leaf viburnum / Viburnum acerfolium
Leaves resemble a mapIe, red berries ripening to blue and black; 3-6' tall
1 gallon container  $18.00

5) Nannyberry viburnum / Viburnum lentago
Broad, flat creamy white flower clusters, berries yellow and reds ripening to blue
and black on bright red stems
1 gallon container  $18.00



1) Virginia Creeper / Parthenodssus quinquefolia
Shade or sun, leaves redden in autumn and develop blue-black berries from white flowers
1 gallon container  $18.00

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